Gimme Some Alone Time

ahh, good times. these days are kinda cool lately. yeah, i’m busy with practicum half the time, but i’m also just getting to know the feeling of enjoying sleep and relax time because of it. anyways, right about now, i kind of miss having alone time. since my cousins have lately been sleeping at our house, i sort of get this crowded feeling every now and then so it feels nice when most people in the house are out at work. it’s as close as i can get to some ‘me’ time. You’re probably curious as to what goes on during my ‘me’ time. or not. but i’ll tell you anyways; it’s not that extraordinary.

often, i like having my macbook to just sit and browse for hours on end and never having to get up and eat at the right time, with everybody else or being called to get something from the store. i don’t like to sleep during ‘me’ time. i’d rather do a mini spa day if sleep was the only other choice i have. doing my nails or my hair or experimenting on make up. that would be sort of relaxing and they’re not that time consuming anyway. if my mood is up for it, i would go to my stories and work on them, if not, i would read one of my favourite books instead. then if that still doesn’t satisfy me, i would draw. sometimes, i get a little bit of control when i clean my room. nothing like a high from spring cleaning. LOL. i like to know where my things are so always getting to look at what i put under my bed or in my cabinets are always a plus. recalling stuff locations can be so annoying. take a look at my mom. so often she looks for things in their room and 99% of the time she’d call me or my sister to help  go through all of their things to look for a piece of paper or something small like that. that’s why i like my papers organized. but i guess, i can’t compare what i have to what sort of papers my parents have (ie) mortgage papers, credit cards, bank letters, etc. but i know that they’re not that organized.

anyways, one of my most favourite things to do in ‘me’ time: put the volume up to my fave music and dance around the house. i do this as a sort of exercise, to burn some calories, i guess. although, a lot of people can probably say i don’t need to. but i like getting some cardio every now and then. i miss jumping around like crazy and just going all out. ahaha, my lungs would burn after half an hour of this but i like to do it for a bout two and a half hours. see? this takes long and the reason is simply that i have so many favourite dance songs that i like to play them all before i stop. hahaha, weird, eh?  but yeah, that’s what i like to do. i feel like an old man who just likes to sit on a rocking chair and sit for hours. now that i think about it more, it sounds kinda appealing. just sitting there with my thoughts; it sounds nice.

basically what i get from ‘me’ time is time to think. time to recall bad choices and remember for next time to pick the right choices. it gives me time to think about future decisions and what is changing in my agenda. and if i don’t get that ‘me’ time, i often get restless and sort of panicky, like i’m looking for an escape; any sort of escape. escape from to much people, too much noise, too much input. if everyday i could say to those around me “leave me be for about 3 hours completely alone” that would be awesome. but they wouldn’t take that too well, as i know how they are already. so the best option is to try and get away, and go someplace quiet. a jog would be nice, but the it’s getting so cold out. so right now, blog is sort of my big escape. and now, this post is getting long again so i’ll say goodnight for now. =)



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