Almost There!!!

hahahahaha! i’m so happy about my evaluation! i did excellent in organization and by god, that was one of the most important things in this practicum. so here i am again, updating about my status in my last clinical before i finally move on to become a nurse. the thing about this is i’m super motivated due to some personal quarrels (not really a quarrel per se, but still a sort of a disagreement) and so here i am re-arranging my priorities yet again.

i guess my iMac will have to wait til next summer. along with the dog. and the car. and the trip all by myself. LOL. first things first: there are some people who treat other people like dirt. and some of those people happens to be family. i’m not saying i hate them or anything like that, but in this situation where respect is comepletely disregarded, i will have to resort to disrespecting them as well. many times, they’ve been given a chance to redeem themselves and those times, they never even acknowledged that they made mistakes. this of course, pisses me off. and so now i swore to myself that settle everthing that my family’s issues with them and hopefully never have to talk to or see them again anytime soon, if they continue being how they are. and i’m not saying i hate everyone in their family, it’s just those two who are particularly treating my family like we are dumb people who don’t know how to think. and such treatment from such close family relatives; it’s very very annoying.

but anyways, i’ll update you on that when things finally come to a showdown.

but anyways, i’m focusing on my stuff and if i have to read my notes over and over and answer the critical thinking Qs in the skills book, then i will do so just to stay in shape. my hamster, that is. we can’t let the little bugger sleep on the job and then what would happen? jeopardy! LOL i think i’m going crazy coz i haven’t eaten supper yet, haha!!

but yeah.. there is an album in my facebook account just  for myself to see and it contains screenshots of my notes!!! hahaha i thought i could still study while indulging myself in my online network. XD

ooh, and also, we put up the christmas tree and decorated the house already.. tomorrow we’ll be putting up the finishing touches. hahahaha i feel so happy and giddy!!! it’s almost my b-day again!! i’m growing up!! ain’t that something?? LOL. yeah right. lots of things to learn still, but hey, this is what i asked for; an interesting life. and what an interesting one i have, so far. 😉


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