Ahh, Feels Good To Be Done

hahahaha! this is the best december ever! i’m finally finished with school! i finished practicum on Nov. 28th with great improvements so i am very pleased to have the mark that i deserve. god knows how long i’ve waited for this moment and now that i’ve finally got it, it definitely feels good. =)

somehow, i know everything will be going for the best at this point in life and hopefully i’m right. i mean, now i can help out as much as i can with the mortgage, the bills, my bills (yeesh, my student loan is quite an amount right now), and finally being a student is done. I’m a working girl!! LOL

never thought i’d be so excited about this… i always thought working would be such a drag but since i’ve learned so much, i just want to go out there, do some good and learn more. that’s the feeling to have after all those years of hard work in university.

just so you get an idea of how senior practicum was, i’ll give you a little bit of a description. i was in the surgical unit, with moderate to high acuity (depends on the day LOL) and it is super busy. one shift, i didn’t even have time to sit for even a minute or go to the washroom to pee. isn’t that crazy? hahaha, yeah sometimes busy can be really busy. but yeah, i managed to owork my way through and i learned so much in the process. i got 2 great preceptors who were always giving me feedback so that i know what i needed to work on and what things i’m doing good at. so basically it didn’t come as a surprise at the end, but it was still scary knowing i still really didn’t have a concrete mark to be relieved about. but now that i know my mark, i am super happy! =)

anyways, it’s almost my b-day again. can you give me a present?? hahaha! i wish! i’m just hanging out with peeps and eating my heart out if i can. lord knows i deserve a great appetite after those nights of not eating from pure exhaustion. anyways, tomorrow is job hunting day. i better wake up early and get my resume printed out…. hahahaha =)


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