Mengele Twins

so after i watched the National Geographic video about Mengele’s experiements, I was almost 100% convinced that he was responsible for the high rate of twins in the small town of Candido Godoi, until I researched the high twin rate and found that the small town was not alone in the high twin rates: two more locations have the same increase in twin rates: Igbo-Ora in Nigeria and Kodinji in India. All having no hard fact to verify why the rates are so high compared to the global percentage.

So now i’m wondering if there really was even a connection between Candido Godoi and Mengele or was it just coincidence that he was there at the time of the twins booming rate? Hm, it does seem unlikely to figure out how to affect successive generations to produce multiples unless you mess with the DNA. or am i wrong? I think it’s possible for environments to play a part but of course only with the right conditions, [ie] fertility of females, diet (maybe), and of course genetics. Damn, i want twins too in the future.. maybe i should go live in those towns.. LOL. just kidding.

But anyhow, with that said, Mengele is long dead, so we will never really know what he did and didn’t do at that little town.

On the other hand, good news has come to my doorstep!! I got a job at where i had practicum. =) the interview was more scary in thought than the actual. confidence, i salute you for backing me up in that moment. Lord knows i was scared. LOL i didn’t know what she was going to ask me, but it was all good, i got it all figured out on time. hahaha! I have a little bit of a dilemma today… write my mermaid story or finish my LBP level???!!!! ahh, choices.


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