Reader’s Heaven

hahahaha!! i’m back in my writer mode, even for just a few hours… LOL. did you guys see this link on one of the comments a while back? it’s a website full of wonderful books!! classics, poetry, you name it. check it out if you have time:

hehehe, fun stuff eh? too bad, it’s past midnight now and i’m still working on a story… i wanna daydream so bad!! XD just so i can visualize the setting.. i need the setting to be put down in ink. so far, i have the ocean, a kingdom, but really no details yet. i know, i know, fish, seeweeds, bubbles (really?), rocks, or sand, etc… but it’s not that easy. descriptions need to be placed strategically, not randomly. it needs to feel like you’re getting a panoramic view from afar instead of being forced to read what the place looks like… you know what i mean?? i don’t live underwater so i can’t really imagine how it would be deep under the oceans… but i do have a fish tank! i wonder if i should stare at it and watch the fishes swim so i could hopefully get some inspiration?? hahaha, it might work!


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