you know what’s funny, when me and my girl friends went out this winter after not having seen each other for months due to busy schedules, we decided to go bowling after a late lunch. so we go in and ask the man at the till about which was the better choice: pay by the hour or by the game, to which he replied, ‘oh go ahead and play and we’ll decide how much after.’ he gave us our shoes and let us play. we were really into it too, laughing and making up nicknames for ourselves and our random ball  throwing tricks.. hahaha, it was really fun. but then we got tired, our hands hurt after an hour and so we decided to be done. so we walked up to the guy and we were ready to pay, but he was like, ‘make sure you ladies come back,’ and gave us a wink as he took our shoes. we stood there, not really knowing what to do, until he said, ‘don’t worry about it, shoo.’ and so we were like, ‘really? we don’t have to pay? sweet!’ and blurbs of ‘that’s so nice!’  and ‘thank you!’ were said from us three. we came out really glad that we played for free. it was so nice of the man to do that. =) did i tell you all the other people were senior males? i guess the timing was odd, around 2pm in the afternoon but hey, we had a free game, so it was all the more memorable. i’ll make sure we go back there again… =)


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