Basilisk [Anime]

wow. i had nothing to do one time so i was browsing along netflix (yay, netflix!) on our ps3 and saw this show. I had wanted to see it long before now but i never got around to watching it. I knew it was some sort of drama-ish kind of show so i wasn”t really that intrigued by it. However, now that i’ve finished the entire 24 episodes, i must say, it is an impressing show. for a ninja anime, i liked how straightforward this show was and not too dragging like naruto (no offense to those who like naruto; i like the show, but not too much to watch it entirely)… so anyways we have two warring ninja clans who have their respective future heirs arranged to be married and, sadly, they become part of a plot that leaves them to make painful choices.

Even though this show only briefly illustrates all the main ninjas’ talents & skills, I prefer it. Even without all the explaining that Sakura (from Naruto*) would do, the show was very engaging still. Did not agree with the ending though… but i guess it was a good one. You know what messed me up though?? Once i finished watching an episode, i could never remember the names!! LOL they were so long about 4 syllables for most of them and I couldn’t remember them unless i was watching the show.. hahaha, isn’t that funny? XD

And since we are talking about this particular story line, i wanted to tell you that the show is based on a novel written by Futaro Yamada in 1958. Awesome storyline for an author from so long ago. =) And also a movie was made based on this same storyline: Shinobi (2005). I should get the gang to watch it with me, it might be as good as Basilisk or maybe better! But anyways, watch the show if you haven’t yet. It really is very good. Aside from the booby exposures… XD


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