ok so this is the very first introductory part of the story. =) It was very hard to try and visualize the landscape under the water and the fish tank only helped out a little bit.. you probably saw all my other posts about this story, if not, just search the word ‘mermaid’ and you’ll most likely see all of them. I went ahead and showed you a part of the story that came after the intro, called “The Surface” and I’m continuing that (see post called: Mermaids in My Mind) since I managed to make the intro for our little mermaid. =) but anyways, without further ado, here is the very beginning of The Story of the Mermaid: Triton’s Daughter (temporary title)

~~~The Story of the Mermaid: Triton’s Daughter~~~

A long, long time ago, underneath the waves of the Seven Seas lived a great kingdom ruled by the god of the sea, the great King Triton. In the time of his reign, the mer-folk flourished and lived happily by his rules. Alongside the king of the merfolk was his queen, Amphitrite. Together, they loved and cared for their eight beautiful daughters.

Acantha, the eldest daughter was the wise and patient just like her mother. Anthea, was the peacekeeper within the siblings. Alcina was always the temperamental one and Adelpha was the shy one. Abella was the fastest swimmer of them all, while Amera and Arytha were both the best dancers of all the sisters. Anemone, the youngest of Triton’s daughter’s was the best singer of them all. Triton never voiced it but Anemone was his favourite because of her resemblance to her mother. Although all eight daughters felt equally loved by their parents.

Living in the quiet depths of the far reaching waters, the merfolk kept to themselves and deemed the surface to be a dangerous place. As a law, no merfolk were to go even a hundred feet of the shores or the surface unless granted permission by the King Triton himself. Everyone obeyed, seeing no reason to go to the surface and perfectly content with their lives underneath the waters. Or so it would seem; unknown to all merfolk, the youngest daughter of the royal family had a curiosity that often led her to trouble, and one particular curiosity was of the surface and what lay beyond it.

In the month of a blue moon, Triton’s daughters were attending practice classes to fine tune their performances for the celebration of the appearance of the blue moon. The blue moon was a grand and symbolic event for the merfolk. To them, it meant the migration of the animals that often lived with them for a year or so until the next blue moon appears. Lantern fishes, anglers, schools of bristlemouths, and even some merfolk leave with them to make sure they travel safely. They often follow a route that goes through a few merfolk colonies in the outskirts of the kingdom before devoting themselves to keeping the creatures safe until they migrate back to the kingdom.

As all eight daughters sit around their instructor, they were obligated to pay attention in order to give good performances for the blue moon as well as the first equinox of the year. They celebrated both equinox and solstice during the year and it was generally a time of great festivities and at these times, the princesses’ skills are presented.

Being the tenth day in a row of lessons, it was no surprise that half of the sisters lost interest. Anemone was particularly bored.

“I’m starting to hate our instructor,” Abella remarked, as she dejectedly sat on a rock formation. Her silver white hair shimmered under the reflected light of the sun.

“Abella, we always do this, you should be used to it by now,” Amera replied laughingly as she tied her dark red locks into a bun. All of Anemone’s elder sisters headed for the dining area where refreshments were served for them.

“Ladies, be a sport. This is important for our parents.” Acantha addressed them all. Her long flowing bluish green hair flowed behind her as she swam in front of her sisters. The ring of pearls around her head made her look all the more elegant.  “Do your best and we can finish earlier today.”

She only had to sing in the ceremonies and she had her songs memorized. On the little time that they were given for a quick break, she decided to skip the rest of the lessons entirely. At sixteen years of age, it was understandable for a daughter to be a little of a nuisance, and Anemone knew that her parents wouldn’t be too angry at her for skipping one lesson. Covering her orange-gold hair with huge seaweeds, the young mermaid tried to avoid detection as she edged her way out of the palace. Guards were posted in the front gates but the back gates were hardly watched as it was against a tall cliff of hard rock. She swam carefully, sticking to the dark shadows of the underwater flora and huge boulders. In a matter of minutes, she had evaded the two guards and other members of the palace household. Swimming as fast as she could, she aimed for the east and smiled happily as she reached a familiar spot. The rocks stood flat, with clumps of corals and vibrant green weeds swaying softly in the unseen currents. Anemone swam behind the rocks and soon found the little barrel that she filled with her treasures. These treasures were completely alien to her and she was always excited to try and figure out what they were. Removing the big hunk of coral that she placed on top of them, she took out her particular favourite. An image of the two-legged folks carved in iron. It was only as big as her palm and the figure was holding a shield and a sword. She peered closer at the legs and tried to imagine how awkward it would be to have them. She had heard stories of the folks who lived outside the water and settled on the lands. There were tales of adventure, violence and other unfavorable accounts. The folks from above seemed uncivilized and dangerous; and yet Anemone was drawn to them. Ever since the first story of the two-legged folks came to her ears, she was filled with curiosity. So other creatures lived in the world besides the merfolk, she had thought to herself. Someday, I will be able to see that world and live with the two-legged folks. It was a child’s wish that never faded. As Anemone grew, her curiosity grew and grew to the point where she would venture to the surface without her father’s permission. She had been reprimanded over and over, but she would always find a way to sneak out.

Swimming towards the flat rock surface, she placed the small figure on it and contemplated the thought of meeting one. Thinking it would be appropriate to greet the indivual, she smiled at it was about to state the traditional greeting of the merfolks when suddenly a shadow covered her and the small figure. She looked up and saw a moving object. It was gigantic, and it created turbulence on its hind as it propelled forward. Gravitating and slowly swimming towards the strange object, Anemone thought of what it could be. Thinking back on the stories and account that she had heard a thousand times, it took her a while to figure it out. Then finally, the word dawned on her. The strange moving object was called a ship.


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