Oh I Hate That

omg. i hate the drama. those people cannot distinguish right from wrong. but oh well, i tried to voice out my concerns but i guess it just comes across to them as unwanted gibberish. i hate to see families getting torn apart like this. some people can be so childish. someone tagged me in a person’s picture where they looked happy and drinking ETOH and having a cigar, all smiles. and i was just like ‘LOL and what is tagging me supposed to do? i’m glad you are happy =)’ …sheesh. they do things out of spite so in my eyes they are all immature and petty. tell me i’m disrespecting you if i’m saying FUCK you or any other such namecalling, but if you can’t prove it, then don’t say anything. venting is good  LOL. i just finished the exam and i am soooo worried.


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