Hahaha, The Kids Are Funny

what’s depend? my niece is asking for what the word depend means and i just find it funny. i tried to exlain it to her but she’s taking it too literally. i taught her how to read and pronounce the alphabet and their sounds so that she knows what things start with the letters. and she got it all in 6 months. but that was six months ago, before she left to live across the border. and unfortunately her mommy didn’t continue her studying habits. and now that she’s here again for a vacation, she is lazy to write and even loses focus when we’re doing the ‘what things start with this letter?’ quiz. sometimes i wonder why do i even bother, but a bigger part of me is somehow hardwired to teach little kids these basic things. lol, i must have got it from my own mom who, as i remember, taught me to spell along with my older brother (a year older than me), and i guess it was my personality too that was a little bit egotistical ’cause i felt superior when i studied. LOL, you can tell where this is going, huh? anyways, i was always a studious kid, either from environmental circumstances or personal effort or some other thing. and the feeling of learning something new was so exhilirating to me. science and english were my forte. math i was average, didn’t really see the need for fractions and least common denominators. i will have to write later ’cause the kids are acting up again. ciao!!


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