YipEEE~~!!!! But with Scary Other Things…

i’m so happy, i passed the exam!! hahaha man i cried a little (aren’t i sappy??!!) but i mean seriously, 5 years of total school years is a long time. circumstances and stress and everything else didn’t make it easy, i’ll tell you that. yesterday i was just so glad that i was now a working adult. not so happy about added responsibilities but hey, it’s all part of life LOL. lately i’ve been getting so cheap. ahahaha isn’t it ironic that when i finally get a big paycheck, that’s when i stop being such a money waster and start being a spend thrift?? lol i think it’s a sign: i’m getting old. seriously though. i noticed that i start looking for sales more often than not. and i’ve hardly done any impulse buying coz i’d scold myself for thinking i even want to waste money on pointless things.. hahaha i think i’m starting to realize the importance of being a wise spender. especially these past few days… my grandma fainted in the washroom by herself and fell to the floor with a loud thud. i sprang off the bed (i was asleep when i heard the loud noise), came out to see my mom trying to inch her body through the washroom door. my grandma’s hair i could see under the door. adrenaline rushed in and i told my mom that i’ll try to get in, i managed to go on top of the counter and into the washroom. my grandma was staring at the ceiling and when i said her name, she didn’t respond quickly enough. i picked her up off the floor and we opened the door and helped her to sit on the toilet.

MAN. was that ever scary. i was just hoping nothing bad happened to her. my mom called the paramedics and after all the questioning, they brought her to the hospital with me as the translator. so as of today, she’s still in the hospital, they’ll be monitoring her heart for a few days… i’m praying she’ll get better soon so she can go back home with us.


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