L is for the way you look at me.. O is for the only one I see…. lol ok so here i am again after decades of no updates and busy work schedules, i finally got time to write up on my favourite little blog.  =) so these days, i’m trying to figure out how to get my lolo and lola’s anniversary to be a memorable one.. but i’m only handling half the cost since i can’t even afford the whole thing yet.. hahaha! it seems i’m not so into old music from closer to their younger years… LOL i wanted it to be more current but to retain the sweetness and romantic aura.. but anyways, i’ll figure that out. lemme just say this: it’s freakkin expensive!! lol anyways, we will have 8 tables of 10 people. centerpieces were $23.00. favors were $75 for 48 so another $30 to get to 88 pieces. then $200 for each table–> i’ll be handling $800. decors, balloons, tulle, etc.. will be $60. so anyways the center pieces look similar to this:

except that the hurricanes are cylindrical and the flower is pink. dollarama is pretty good with the glasswares.. cheap enough. we got the rocks from there too, as well as the synthetic flowers. so anyways, i read somewhere on the web that distilled water is better than tap coz it doesn’t give out bubbles after a while of sitting there.

my grandma likes to have a hint of pink in the whole thing; i originally had white and silver in mind as this is their diamond anniversary… but she gets dibs coz it’s her party!! half the favors are done.. they look like this:

except that the candies are white and pink and th ribbon is pink. =) so anyways, we are having issues with invitations.. we cannot decide on what it should look like =( some wants pictures, i don’t want it on the invitations.. LOL but it’s not my anniversary, eh? lol i’ll go for some sort of compromise…. ok ok, i’ll leave it to them …. i’ll be helping them out now so we can send it soon =) ttyl!!


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