Wedding Anniversaries Are Hard to Plan!

LOL. title says it all.. i think i should have a part time job as a planner. for wedding anniversaries, for parties, for camping trips, for impromptu shopping sprees, etc… i tend to have that part in me that like doing those kinds of things. i made the centerpeices for the tables and we ordered a banner and some balloons too.

see this cake? my mom made it. i’m so proud =) LOL no seriously though, it was a very good care: red velvet with butter icing that was just the right sweetness (i hate the super sweet kind that she used to make). thanks to my antie for the effort on how the cake should look.

Well, well… i thought it went pretty good, despite the fact that there were 3 adult kids missing from the occasion… my lolo and lola were sad about that.. they were waiting at the beginning but the other three didn’t come so it was kinda sad for them. but we did try to cheer them up with a surprise albeit comedic renewal of their vows with lines like “do you promise to go to the casino less often?” LOL it was pretty funny.. i just hope it’s something they cherish because 60 years is a lot of patience and a whole lot of love. the heartaches were mostly from the kids’ fights i think..why am i even saying that? anyways, here is a pic of the favours that we made:

then the cookies that my best friend ordered for the party:

ain’t it great? it tasted so good too!! too bad i can’t tolerate sweet stuff for too long.. i only managed to eat 1/4 of a cookie (it was huge!! see the pic? it’s as big as my hand!)

so then we went home after the party and had some drinks, baby!! lol my grandparents went to the casino while we played Monopoly where we had to drink a shot when we pay rent. LOL i got a little more than tipsy and kinda started cheating on everyone. hahaha i remember passing the dice so i would miss my turns and i managed to sneak out a $500 bill from the banker coz she kept talking non-stop. then i stole a house from Marvin Gardens and nobody noticed LOL.. see how sneaky i can be when drunk? LOL i almost cried too coz i was losing at first…but by the end i had $7500+ in cash money! Bwahahahahahaha!!!

see? red velver cake is sooo good lookin’ and great tastin’ too 😉


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