Trip to Brereton Lake

awesome, awesome trip. i like the cliff side.. when we went back there, it seemed like no one else have been going there.. no firepits, no sign of people tracks and the pathway was closing up.. just after a year..

this path leads to an awesome rock cliff where you can see thousand of pine trees, huge and old ones..

it’s actually very nice over there… i remember there was a trans-Canada trail that you could follow along the cliffside.. we had kids with us so we couldn’t do that.. lol we’d be too slow and there would be too much complaining going on.

so if you like outdoors stuff, but not too hardcore, this one is definitely a good spot. from what i’ve seen, this is the only elevation in Manitoba.. hahaha!! (It’s usually very flat; no hills, no mountain ranges, etc..) =)


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