Mood’s Up =)

So, as you can see I’ve been fairly active in posting stuff in the past couple of days… I guess I’m not depressed lately. LOL! But anyways, I hope you’ve had the chance to read my newest endeavor: The Life and Times of Me, Pencil. It’s basically a story that Pencil, the narrator, relays to the audience, but in bits and pieces. It contains little glimpses into different stages in Pencil’s life that she has reminiscences of. I have no idea what it’ll end up being in the long run, but I think it should stay as blogging posts to make it more like a diary. We’ll see how it goes then, eh?

Besides being in the mood to write, I would like to say that work is being awesome. =) Nice people to work with, very nice unit to be in, lots of learning everyday, and just a great work place in general. I’ve been down in the dumps in the past months, but I think as we approach closer to my vacation week, which we will be doing a road trip to South Dakota and then back to Calgary, my mood has improved nicely. It helps too that I’m finally saving up for my iMac. WOOHOOO!!!! I promised myself it’ll be a birthday present (and also as a 1st year in the job anniversary) in December. =) Can’t wait!  It’ll be awesome; I think I can settle for a 24 inch.. I’ve been wanting the 27 inch, but I think I’m just being a show off. I don’t need a screen that huge to do most of my writing. =) Since I’m planning to buy a house in about 3 years’ time, I need to save up some good down payment… If I manage to save $30, 000 by then (which I doubt, but I will try) then I will be one happy home owner in 2014. Lots of plans already, eh? I can’t help it though, I feel like I should be doing a lot of stuff already at this point in time, but of course, nothing ever goes as planned. LOL that’s life for ya.


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