My Past Life

Lately I remembered that me and my sister tried to see our past life. It was very hard to concentrate and we only managed one image. I knew then that I must have been somewhere in Arabia. The very first image I saw was a masked man reaching out his hand and grabbing me up onto the horse he was riding and I was looking back, as though someone was after me or us both. That was it. I was satisfied with that back then. However, just a couple of days ago, I couldn’t sleep. I decided to meditate so that I could totally relax and fall asleep. I remembered that while I was meditating, I could try to see my past life, so I tried again. I had to make sure every part of me was relaxed and no thought entered my mind except for the words ‘my past life’. Then the same image came back like it was yesterday. This time I noticed the sand dunes, the bright sun up above. I was a little perplexed but stopped myself from reacting to the image. After I calmed myself again, another image came. There was a pyramid, a black one and it had lights coming from windows, I think. It was a building shaped like a pyramid because I could see the doorway lit from inside. Then we were on a cliff looking down on that pyramid. Then I could only see the masked man’s profile and mine.

I see I am masked as well but more like those costumes in Arabian Nights (the lady costumes) but in shades of dark blue and reds and some purples. I saw us kissing but mostly what I saw was just our lips touching and my right hand holding his face close. I wore a big detailed ring on my middle finger; it was made of gold. Then the next image came. I was seeing myself walk towards the building; I was very close to it but I looked back. I was seeing myself from where the masked man stood. Then I see an image of a young man sitting by a building entrance (not the pyramid) and laughing, as though mocking. The it blurs to an image of a older wiser man standing at the same spot where the young man laughed, but the older man was expressionless and he was pointing at somewhere or something. I was getting curious but I could feel my brain getting tired. No images came after that.

It was very interesting, I mentioned it to a few and they said it was my imagination making it all up. But there’s a difference to making it up and seeing it pop up in front of you. If I was making it up, then I would consciously be making judgements and be able to control what I wanted to see. This was different in that I was trying to keep my mind blank the whole time and like a memory, the image just pops up. I just watch it and think of nothing else until another one pops up. It gets really tiring for the mind though. That was probably two hours or so for those few ‘memories’…  Have you tried seeing your past life?


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