Past Lives Explored

Okay so remember the previous post, about me trying to see my past life? I got curious about the details of it all and I was googling (i used it as a verb lol) the Black Pyramid because I thought i might or might not find something about it.. Remember how i said it was beneath a cliff? Well, i didn’t tell you that the image very briefly reminded me (during my meditation) that it sort of resembled a pathway of water, like a dried out river of some sort, and a very brief night scene of a ship and a river overtook the image of the Black pyramid (but for such a brief milisecond) that I thought I was starting to imagine things so I ignored that very small piece of information. I didn’t mention before about the odd shape. The Black Pyramid from my memory was an isoceles triangle instead of an equilateral one. I thought it was an odd shape for a pyramid, but maybe there was a reason why it was like that in my memory. Well, this is what i found: Looks like what is now known as the “Black Pyramid” is a ruined pyramid originally called the “Amenemhat is Mighty”. Guess why it’s ruined? It was poorly built and also built close enough to the Nile river to let the water run though it underground, which seeped into the walls causing the pyramid to sink and crack. Now, this is the first time i decided to look up stuff about my past life. And it is pretty interesting how my visions/memories are actually still locatable in present time. Hahaha, you probably think I’m crazy and just spewing things out, but man, if you tried seeing your past life too, and found what i did, you’d be more than surprised. I was amazed to even see how it connected. The Black Pyramid’s distance from the Arabian Desert is 132.33 miles (212.97 kilometres) which isn’t all that far travelwise. It’s definitely not on the other side of the world. You’re probably asking yourself why I’m putting that stuff in here as well. You see, my “memories” started at the desert and ended up at the Black Pyramid, that was as far as I got with my last meditation. And the past “me” walked toward that pyramid, leaving the masked man at the top of the cliff. LOL do you see where this is heading? It’s time to search who owned that pyramid and what connections he had… Dun dun dun.. stay tuned everyone.

P.S. i know i’ve been a man before in a previous life as well (I’ve always had this weird feeling about it). I think it was after this life in Arabia, well maybe not exactly the next one, but it was definitely later than this one that I’m researching right now. LOL now for sure you think I am just sprouting nonsense.

P.P.S. It is very hard to find info about any Arabs headed to the Black Pyamid in history. I think i should tell you now, even though I looked like a person from Arabia in my memory, the masked man did not. Isn’t that interesting? He had looked Caucasian. Maybe Roman or Greek?? I don’t know. I’m just putting out some possibilities. Geez, I don’t even know how to start searching…. Will not lose hope. LOL


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