Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood

Hahahaha! Let me tell you that this game is awesome! Aside from the fact that it is the only first player game that i ever finished on PS3… the Nintendo DS ones I can manage, but the other games that we have are either sooooo  hard or they make me bored (like Prince of Persia 2008–it was so confusing to go in circles, that i lost interest.. i know, it’s pretty sad.)

I love the music, the Cristina mission and my Assassin!! yeah those are the best!! Ezio’s pretty cool, too, I guess. LOL my assassination skills are awesome!! i love to use the courtesans for blending in.. but then sometimes they get lost when i pass by some guards, but that’s ok.. i can always hire the next ones.

But, among my favourite moments is when Ezio was sitting with Leonardo and Ezio mentions something about women distracting Leonardo from working.. then Leonardo say “Women provide little distraction”… hahaha it took a while for Ezio to kinda pick up on it and he says: “Wait, I don’t understand” then he moves a little from Leonardo and looks at him suspiciously. LOL!! funny as hell. (P.s. these images are obviously not mine.)

the only thing i hate about the game is the Romulus mission, because it gets so dark.. and i can’t see very well in the dark.. hahaha.. but aside form that, it is an awesome game that people should play!! it made me forget about psHome for a while and i consider that a good thing.

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