Something Borrowed

Man, this movie is very relatable in terms of how indecision can often be the cause of our regrets. And believe me, I’ve had my own share of regrets…

Back in high school, I really liked this one guy to the point of even noticing weird things like how often we would be wearing the same colour shirts, and how we went to the same church. From 9th grade onto 11th, I only had eyes for him, and it seemed like he liked me too. I often caught him staring at me with a sideways glance in class to the point where our teacher saw and looked at me with a confused look (which is more than a little embarrassing, let me tell you). But my regrets lie in how quiet and shy I was back then. A lot of times, I wanted to just straight out shout to him how I felt but I never did. One time, I was walking out of the campus and I see him walking  a few feet in front of me. It was the middle of the day and no one else was around because classes were still on (I didn’t have a class because I was allowed to have an empty slot coz I took a lot of course the previous terms)… My brain was sending me red flags, and I was thinking, “This is your chance, just say it and be done with it.” So I worked myself up, worrying about how he will react and how other people will react if they found out… by the time he got to the sidewalk and turned left, it started raining. He walked faster, heading towards the bus stop. I stood there on the sidewalk, watching him go further away from me, and I was hung up deciding what I should do. A part of me wanted to just scream it all out, those three damn words to let him know about my feelings. A part of me was a restraining myself with doubtful thoughts like ‘How are you gonna go to school tomorrow, if you said that now?’ or ‘Do you really think he’ll just simply like you right back after you say those things?’ And of course, I let those nasty thoughts win. I turned around and walked home. That, people, is one of my biggest regrets. Now I’m stuck with ‘what if that happened…’ kind of thoughts whenever I think back on that moment. So, my biggest advice: Just go with what your gut tells you.

LOL and now, I’ve just exposed some very personal info.. NOOOOoooooooo!!! hahaha but I feel like an old soul, you know, trying to learn from life and share that knowledge… but back to the movie (now i’m actually gonna talk about it!) It was annoying how both parties waited and waited (seriously felt like that in high school, kept waiting, kept waiting) but in the end if you yourself don’t make a move then why expect something to happen, right? I feel like I’m scolding myself now.. Nonetheless, that movie certainly got it’s point across.


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