Kerli & Moonchildren

Recently, I’ve been restless again; this time, about the music that i listen to. Somehow it’s been such a long time since i’ve updated my iTunes with music form outside the North America. So there i was browsing youtube, looking for unique sounds and such, and to my surprise, i came across one of Kerli’s most recent music video: Army of Love.

I’ve read about her a couple of years ago but i guess i was in a lazy phase to not have the energy to be intrigued, even though i was indeed intrigued a little bit. So there, in my mind, i was asking myself, ‘Haven’t i come across this artist before?’ … so while i played the video, i did a little wiki research on her and saw her first album and the list of songs. OMG, you would not believe how refreshing her music is. I am a newly converted Moonchild now. LOL! I’m sure most of you know that a Moonchild is one who believes in Integrity, Love, & Unity (ILU); this is what Kerli believes in as well, and her fans are usually referred to as the Moonchildren, which is pretty cute. =)

But anyways, My favourite songs from her are: Fragile, The Creationist, Walking on Air, and of course her version of Nature Boy, which is absolutely enchanting! Her music is, like i said, refreshing because it never sounds the same. and you can tell she is a songwriter because of the meaningful lyrics unlike the most songs now that just repeats lines and has upbeat tempo to make to make you groove. Sometimes, the heart yearns for more that those kinds of music and Kerli is definitely a great pick. I wish she would make more songs like the ones I’ve mentioned as i find those songs showcase her voice more and relay the emotions in it through the lyrics. I am definitely on the look out for more of her songs!!


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