Such Craziness >__<

you see, i have this bad habit of looking at my work schedule once or twice (and not so attentively at that) then never again. So what happens is something like this (click the image to read it.. LOL):

Sorry, I had to blur out my peeps’ names… condifentiality and all. But you get what I mean. This craziness has happened to me 4 times now. 4 darn times; and i stayed to work at one time because it was a night shift. i didn’t wanna go home only to sleep again after sleeping away the rest of the day already.

Such is my laziness to look at my schedule more than twice. But you see, i have a reason for this. since i work full time, more often than not, i get stressed and agitated knowing that i am scheduled to work more days than i could ever admit was comfortable for my dear body and soul. 12 hours is tiring. i don’t like to think about the next week full of 12 hour work days. i don’t want to think of how busy it will be when i get there on those days. that is why, unlike my co-workers, i could never memorize my 12 week rotation, i can only put the next two or three days that i work into my already stressed brain. that’s how i do it, and that way is the less stressful for me. after those stretches, i would check again and see how long my next strecth is. if i make the mistake of looking past that, my dates unfailingly get mixed up somewhere. then i always feel the time i wasted in sleeping early the night before, getting up early in the morning, and going to work only to see that my name is not on the assignment. i’d sigh in defeat and shake my head. i quickly say hi and bye and leave the unit so i can go back home and sleep.

DAMN YOU, BRAIN!!! stop being so messed up with the dates already!! *sigh* sometimes i just have to laugh at myself for letting it happen again and again. please, whoever is listening, whisper a sign to me when i am at risk of making this sad, sad mistake again. ahahaha, but seriously. i don’t want it to happen again. it’s only been a year and it’s happened 4 times. =(


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