Maria Holic

lately, i’ve been bored out of my mind. not having anything to focus on aside from stressful stuff and work is terribly fatiguing. and so i decided to hunt down a comedy/romance genre from my past moodlifter, anime shows. and i was a little bit unsure when i clicked Maria Holic. I thought it would be similar to XXXholic since it had the same ending (silly of me to think that, but it happened anyway). Well, what do you know. From the very beginning, I noticed that the art itself is very professional and clean-looking and very sharp. next thing that i notice is the background music. I especially love those hymn-like tunes!!! but most of the tunes are awesome >_< I was really unsure of the storyline since I realized that our main character was going into an all girls school while dreaming of meeting her fated one. I wasn’t much of a yuri watcher and i wasn’t planning to start then. All i wanted was some comedy and romance, if you please.

So here, is our dear Kanako, seems to be perfectly normal until she meets Mariya. Mariya is a super cute girl with long blonde hair. The reaction that Kanako has to this girl reveals to us that she “swings that way.” And upon answering a question, she reveals that she breaks out in hives if she gets in contact with a male.

I thought at first Matsurika (the maid with grey hair) was the boy… but apparently, as Kanako will find out, it was Mariya. This is a hilarious first episode and probably one of the best first episodes to grab your attention and make you stick with it and watch the rest of the show.

Finishing the first season makes me want to root for Mariya and Kanako, but Mariya seems to be bent on making Kanako’s life hell. Aside from that, some other sources of comedy are all the various pervy delusions that Kanako creates while she is in the all-girls school. Anyway, the second season looks promising so watch it!!

By the way, I am in love with the first season’s ending theme!! It is sooo cute! =)


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