I Hate Perverted Old Men

yes. i think most of you would agree, especially if you’re a girl. one day, i was on the bus and it got really rainy, like out of nowhere, a big gush of rain just came down. i had no umbrella, no raincoat so of course, i was wondering how i could get off the bus and into the McDonald’s without getting too wet. I pulled my stop and ran. it wasn’t long, just a few feet until the doors to the restaurant and i could hear from behind me that some people were running too. i stopped so i can open the door, but the person who stopped behind me stopped too close and hit my ass. i looked back, disgust on my face and the old man was like, “Oh, i’m sorry. i’m sorry.” I didn’t say anything, and i went in, then he followed me in and did it again!!! The bastard! Now i looked back at him really mean this time and he was like, “I’m so sorry. i’m really sorry.” I wanted to punch him in the face, but he had another guy with him and i didn’t wanna get killed. so i just opened the next door and waited. he was like, “After you,” NOT IN HELL was i going in there first with him following behind me. so i stood there and said “No, you go ahead.” I let them in first and after that, i sat in the farthest corner away from the freaks. I wish all those pervs would just go away and not bother anybody.


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