The Face of Lily Evans

i found it very odd that i had been looking for more pictures of Cat (or images that i thought resembled him closely enough by description) when i came across this image:

basically this is what Lily looks like in my story. Dark haired and pale skin, with her emerald green eyes. i was irritated that a picture of a girl showed up when my search specifically included the word “man” (…yes, i googled ‘ivory haired man’). but when i looked closer i saw that she was basically the same make up as my character! Isn’t that neat? well, i think it is. now you all know our heroine’s face. =)
the interesting fact about this picture is that the woman’s name is Lillie Langtry. And according to this blog, i read that she is also a little feisty female; just like my character! sometimes, these things coincide and i just get so amazed at how similar people can be or in this case, the similarity is with the familiarity of my brain to such traits. yes, i do read a lot of books nad i guess that’s how i mostly formed my thinking up a character and their personalities. you gotta make sure they’re not crazily jumping between obvious contrasts in traits and such. anyhow, that was all i wanted to tell you. =)

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