Just Dance 3

Yeah! this thing is awesome!! i love doing the dances but i get so carried away that i’m exhausted by the fourth or fifth song.. i don’t last long on it.. hahahaha..

My favourite ones are Daft Punk, The Chemical Brothers (Hey Boy, Hey Girl), and the Price Tag song.. i do the other ones, but these ones, i am awesome at them!! LOL!

i will update this post!! promise!! =) soon!! we are still playing at this moment!! LOL

edit: So Christmas went by pretty nicely. we played a lot of Just Dance 3 and ate sour patch kids, reese’s pieces… lol we almost did some alcohol but some ppl had work the next day.. hahaha!!

honestly though, its a good, fun way to exercise, if you’re gonna do it half-assed (basically relying on the remote to just mimic movements and the rest of you is sitting on the couch)… well, it’s pointless. you have to be ready to move, to feel the burn and the heat and especially to feel the dripping of your sweat down your ass. LOL! but seriously, it is so much fun!! try it and you’ll see what i mean!! =)


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