Gung Hei Fat Choy!!

Happy New Year, everyone!! It is now officially the beginning of the Year of the Water Dragon. I’m still optimistic even though I am an Earth Dragon. I’ve read a lot and saw on a show that this year may be a bit trying for the dragon, while it seems that every other Chinese zodiac are going to be pretty lucky this year. After such hardships for the past year, I am not surprised that this is the turn out of my most awaited year.. For the longest time, I had thought I was going to be the luckiest this year, which is not the case.. >_<

So my mission to help keep away the bad stuff: I need to find a Rooster person and then I will need a rooster charm to help me out whereever I go. Let me tell you, the bad had been attached to me last couple of years.. LOL. Thus, this year I will persevere and only maintain positive thoughts and energy even though this is easier said than done. One can only try, you know. Then I need to wear a lot of red this year! Water douses Fire and my lucky element this year is Fire (I think it is, from what that calculation thing did…) I am uncertain but it makes sense. I can’t let too much Water element overflow and kill off my good Fire aura.. LOL!

So my family celebrated the New Year with a bang, literally. We clanged pots and pans around the house, all over the house. My mom says it wards off the negative energies that accumulated from the past. Then everybody wore red and red decorations were displayed. I wanted a dragon to help boost my morale, so I asked my mom to get a mini statue of one to put in the house. She’s so awesome, she got me the gold-painted dragon which symbolizes wealth. There’s also a tinier one, green color (I think it’s supposed to be jade?) which is put in the spot to diffuse the negative locations for the Dragon this year. I also wore a wood/seed based bracelet, which will again hopefully help me for the better this year. My health, I noticed hasn’t been up to parr lately but I can easily associate that with overfatigue and stress. So basically I need to take better care of myself and not worry about other people too much..hahaha!

Well, let’s see what this year brings. And I, in return, will bring my fierce determination and motivation with me so I won’t be pushed down by anything or anyone. Oh dear, wish me  lots of luck, everyone! I might need it after all.


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