Kitchen Cousins!

Finally, I have something worth posting about!! And the Kitchen Cousins are a topic I can stay on for a long, long while. LOL! So HGTV has this new show on called Kitchen Cousins, and these two hotties are not just there to look pretty; they do kitchen renos! How awesome is that? If I worked as a camera person, I would be filming those beauties on the job more than the kitchens they’re doing. Seriously, take a look:

Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri = great prospects for all the single ladies out there. What more can you ask for? Two really talented guys who also happen to be easy on the eyes. So you see, watching this show is like killing two birds with one stone, you get to have eye candy and you can see how awesome and talented they are from the equally awesome kitchens they make. I wish they’d come to Canada and do some renos over here. Maybe then I can stalk and gawk and scream out their names if ever they do a kitchen in my city.

I especially loved the red kitchen!! I saw the pics on facebook and I honestly can’t wait to see the episode on HGTV. I love how bright it is and with the burst of color popping out just makes it that much more fun for a space. Truth be told, while I’m watching the show,  the question never fails to pop up in my brain once those guys start talking.. “Are they still single?” LOL! Hey, don’t judge me, a person is allowed to wonder, you know. A little fantasizing wouldn’t be so bad, either… hahaha!! Ok, I’ll take my mind off the gutter. From watching the show, I admire these guys for actually helping out at the site instead of being like supervisors watching and barking out orders. Sometimes, I get jealous though. I wish I could learn what they learned so I can do all that wonderful stuff to my future awesome kitchen too. It’s like a personal touch, a small accomplishment that I can be proud of.

Alas, I am not a guy, which makes hauling heavy stuff that much harder. I know from my measly  few afternoons’ worth of experience that I am not for hammering nails and manual hauling of drywalls. But I can do painting, design consultant and my favourite thing to do, designing layouts. Sometimes, I think I should be an interior designer instead of a nurse, but then again I also think I should be a writer, or a chef.

Colours, to me are awesome, the brighter, the better. I’ve never been the goth, attracted to dark colours kind of a person and I like neat-looking, spacious and bright areas. I fell in love with our family’s new house because of the amount of natural light coming into it. windows were HUGE and it just gave a very comfortable feel to the house. Our kitchen would be more awesome if it had a splash of colour and a cool backsplash. Geez, I could talk on and on but that’s all I could do. Hahaha, I have no idea how to frikkin put stuff together besides my old bunk bed. I would only how to look for studs and screw on drywalls for picture frames. I know what a Phillips screw driver is because that’s what I hear most from my dad. Sadly, that is probably the extent of what I know. But lately, I’ve been reading up on types of screws and what materials they are good for and which is best used for whatever purpose. So I was telling my dad that he used the wrong drywall screw anchors and I wanted to fix it so bad but he managed to avoid them altogether, which pisses me off just tad.. LOL! Ok, that’s enough rant for now, I’ve strayed far enough from the main topic of this post.


2 thoughts on “Kitchen Cousins!

  1. I just discovered the boys and love,love ,love them. Their designs are creative yet comforting. I like that they’re funny and pleasant. Are they ever grumpy or grouchy? They are now on my DVR. Thankyou HGTV

  2. Love the show If I had the money I would have you come and do my daughter and son in law’s kitchen….They bought this old ranch house with a very bad kitchen…..they wanted to redo there kitchen but need a roof instead….Dawn Young

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