The Snow Queen

The Snow Queen. Such an epic novel. This book by Joan D. Vinge is now ranking high in my Favourite Books of All Time. This is probably the only book that made me feel hopeless enough to cry for a good few minutes from having to process what I’ve read. It’s a very full, well written book.

The basic outline of the book follows the original ‘Snow Queen’ by Hans Christian Andersen where the little girl tries to save her friend from the clutches of the Snow Queen. The book is set in a colorful world that you can almost see in front of you as you read. The characters are wonderful and the entire world that the author created is marvelous. Tiamat (an ocean goddess, according to Babylonian myth–lol yes, I researched the name; i was curious) is a mostly ocean planet with two tribes/clans called the Winters and the Summers. Summers are more traditional and Winters are in to technological advancement.

This is the kind of sci-fi that I like to read. I started reading in the fantasy genre and when I ventured into sci-fi, I’ve read some good one and not so good ones because not all of them deal in this type of imagery and story-telling. The world is huge and the characters are all unique. I absolutely love the mythological tones in the book!

the only thing that bugged me a bit is Sparks. He’s one of the main characters in the book and somehow, I felt that his character development was rushed. somehow, his actions felt out of character from what you know of him and i got the feeling that the focus on his part in the story was rushed. I can’t say any more without ruining the story for you guys, but if you have not read this, I strongly suggest you give it a try. I’m so lucky I found my old lovely copy in Value Village. Now I’m gonna hunt for The Summer Queen and see how it is. =)


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