Nintendo Elite Member

Wow, I never realized I was an Elite member in Club Nintendo already!! I get to pick a free gift and of course, I picked the Platinum Mario Playing Cards.. lol sometimes these things make me a little crazy.. I mean, who doesn’t like free stuff, eh?

But the sad thing is they are now doing a yearly thing, which means I’ll have to buy stuff from Nintendo every year.. they have a 300 coin range to be a gold member by the end of the Nintendo year or 600 coin to be platinum member. Sucks, coz I’ don’t often buy games for my 3ds.. i like browsing the eshop, though.. cheap, fun little games galore.. anyways, the only thing i’m waiting on for my 3ds is the Heroes of Ruin game. the demo is awesome!!! If you want to add me, my friend code is: 3351 4452 5287.. leave a message on here if you do add me, though, coz I’ll have to add you too. =)


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