Dreaming the Number Four

So, i had this really weird dream, everything was in fours, i noticed… in the dream my family consisted of my adoptive mom, two older sisters and myself. we lived in this four bedroom house that served as a renting house. there was a family of four in one room and one student in the other, while our land lord lived in the last one (he looked like a younger version of george clooney, so that was a plus. lol) my family had adopted a family of cats (a mommy cat, and three kittens with two kittens having blue and pink furs).. it’ll take too long to relay the whole dream, as it’s me, i notice the tiniest details and will therefore endeavour to tell you all about it… but i’ll skip to the most important thing: the repeating sequence of the number four. i did a little googling and one website (psychicjoanne) has this to say about it:


Number 4 is a number of solidity and great strength, but it can also symbolize a sense of restriction and limitations. 4’s appearing in your dreams may be suggesting that you ‘look outside the square’.

Number 4 encourages us to work diligently, yet harmoniously, to achieve our goals and symbolizes the principles of putting ideas into practical form. Number 4 is also the vibration of illumination and initiation.

4 appearing in your dreams (or sequences of 4’s) is an indication that you are being guided and supported in your endeavours. Trust that your hard work and efforts will bring well-earned rewards.

The single digit 4 and a series of 4’s appearing in your dreams may suggest comfort and stability in your life.

Seeing 4’s appearing in a dream suggests using hard work, will and personal effort to achieve long-term goals and aspirations. 4’s appearing in a dream can tell of building strong foundations and working to achieve goals and dreams.

When the number 4 appears in your dreams (or repeating 4’s) it is an indication that all is as it should be. Projects that you have been working on will be successful, and you will be pleased with the long-term results. Have faith and trust in your abilities.

When the number 4 appears in your dreams, take note of feelings of inflexibility and of holding yourself back. Seeing 4’s in a dream may be suggesting limitations and restrictions. For example, you may not be giving yourself enough credit for a situation or may not be allowing yourself to attain and achieve your goals, aspiration and personal potential.

That’s interesting to say the least, it’s true, recently, i’ve been able to see my goals a little better and it seems like everything is going as it should be. I don’t feel too stressed out at this point in time, and i’m grateful for that. My worries seem to be farther away than usual and that gives me time to breathe and recuperate from having to stress out about every single issue in my life. I guess i’ll just enjoy this little break. =)


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