Watching Drop Dead Diva

Ahh, Netflix, you are a godsend when I remember you… These days, with work and all the other stuff in life, I sort of forgot I had Netflix. So upon finally having some time alone with my 3DS (after my siblings were done with my new game: Heroes of Ruin), I had finally gotten to check out the apps and games that I’ve put in there. And then Netflix caught my eye! I haven’t used Netflix in a while… And after some good browsing, I found a show that actually keeps me interested. Drop Dead Diva is just so awesome, the characters are cool and funny and the dance numbers in the dreams always make me smile.


It’s about this young beautiful woman who dies and happens to come back to life, but in someone else’s body. This makes the whole show so much more interesting because of the conflicts that results from this. You should watch it if you can. I absolutely love Stacy and Fred!! Jane and Kim are awesome frienemies (if i can call them they sort of are.. kinda..) And there’s always something new that you learn along with the characters, which I find very refreshing for a show, rather than the viewers knowing something and you basically wait out the time until the character figures it out and they’re like “Oh my!” after you’ve had that moment a long while back. Anyways, I’m still on Season 2 since I can’t watch when I’m dead tired from work. Although, my sister is done the entire 3rd Season and I have to try really hard to keep her from blabbing stuff about it (which is a hard enough feat). Well, I’m off to watch an episode or two before going to bed, Ciao!


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