Perks of Being a Wallflower

I’ll say. I have not read the book. I did buy it as a present for my cousin. I want to borrow it but she is still slowly working on it. But we did watch the movie, and it was so sad and pulls at your heart with the final revelation. I didn’t think it was that bad, but it was. Poor Charlie (our main character in the story)… at first I thought it was about being in high school again, which I was apprehensive about (for personal reasons) but it was beyond that. High school was just the background.

I wish it would have showed more of his thoughts though; that’s the only thing I found lacking. That’s why I want to read the book, so I can figure out what it was that the movie seemed to not say. I felt a little cheated. LOL! I’m so melodramatic. The movie was really good, though. The most beautiful line that stuck to me was: “I feel infinite.” =) Have you ever felt like that? Where you’re just so happy that you just bask in the moment and it feels like it’ll be like that forever. Those are always such awesome moments.

So, as soon as I can borrow the book and read it, I’ll let you know what  was missing…


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