I Survived Decemeber 21st: Yeahh!!

So! Who said it was the end of the world six days ago? Somehow some people believed that. We’re all still here; I’m still working, I turned 24 and we are all headed to the year 2013, which, by the way, is a year Im looking forward to. Do you know why? Of course, you don’t, so let me tell you why.. I’m excited for next year because I’m going to buy my very first car next year! Yay! My cousins have summer plans for a road trip so I can’t wait to get my car and test it out! 😀 But on to different matters…
Last week, I recieved my Club Nintendo deck of cards and I am so happy!!! Take a look at this baby:
Club Nintendo Card Deck
Do you see how awesome it looks? It’s plastic so it won’t ever have bent corners or something like that. We played Go Fish with it and at first it felt so thin, but it’s actually very light and nice to hold. It has 52 cards and I like that Bowser is the Joker. :3
Another important thing is: Christmas. How was your Christmas, everyone? I hope you all had the chance to spend it with family and close friends. Most of my family worked this holiday so we got together on the 24th instead. It was just very basic. We went to church and had our Christmas dinner. But overall, I liked that it wasn’t crowded. LOL. I like my peace and quiet.
The family
And my birthday was even better. My best friend got me this huge cake and 2 dresses. Then we went to eat out and watched that damn drawn out movie, The Hobbit. Seriously, I don’t need to see three close-up shots EACH of the dwarf prince and that ugly thing that he walks/runs to in such SLOW MOTION. Gosh, that movie tried to put a lot of unnecessary shots in that movie. It was good, but all that trying hard made it annoying; and they didn’t even solve the issues they presented at the beginning of the movie! Gosh! But even as I say all that, I’d have to watch the next movies to frikkin’ make sense of what I watched.

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