Happy New Year!!

Well, it seems like 2013 is off to a great start. =) Fresh starts are always welcome. My mom finally decided to talk to her sister after a good two years of ignoring each other. It wasn’t that easy on any of us, but the feeling of betrayal was not something one could just shake off. Trust needs to be earned and at this point, it’s more like, ‘ok, let’s get over that big hump between us’…. so my mom pretty much wanted try and see if getting along was still an option. Turns out, it was. I was happy for my mom for overcoming that ‘hatred’… I know, I know, hatred is a strong word but that’s what it was. She was furious at being treated like a stupid person and to me, that was a fair reaction to what had happened. My aunt, on the other hand, I know she must feel awful but at the same time, she wasn’t trying to get together with my mom at all. My cousin had said that she just wasn’t sure how to make the first move. Pride, I can understand, but I just hope she doesn’t think she’s on the right side of the fence about what happened between them. There’s still quite a bit to talk about but we’ll just go slow at this point; no need to rush things when it feels like we’re all still walking on eggshells.

Back to a lighter note, we (my family and my aunt’s family) spent January 1st together and it was great. Some people got tipsy (yes, I did get a little drunk) and as a result, our pictures were so funny… Here’s an example:

Happy 2013!!!!

But I couldn’t drink much because I work the next day so we watched foreign horror movies instead, which failed because it was becoming more of a comedy the longer we watched it.. Our movie marathons are usually very good. LOL! This was the first time where we didn’t finish a movie because it was so bad. We had to fast forward to the scene with the flight attendant, and that wasn’t so bad.. but as a whole, ehh. See the preview:

Go see it if you want, and tell me what you think. =) Happy New Year, everyone!! Cheers! ^_^


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