I finally got my new iMac!!!! I call it my Mac-aroni.. LOL. Anyways, after four years of pining for this dear computer (because I had my Macbook and thought it was the best thing ever.), Ihave finally gotten to it and actually bought one. Now this wasn’t as easy as you might think it should’ve been. Okay, so first, I actually ordered the older version of iMac because of the fact that I found out–two weeks before the relaunch of the updated iMac–that the disc drive was going to be removed. So naturally, I panicked and quickly ran to all the stores in the city, calling to see if they have the old version in stock still. Sadly it was in vain. Then when I got to Futureshop, an employee said he could reserve one for me; so of course, I said sure. This was end of October 2012. So I asked him if it would take months to get it, and he said no, just a few weeks. I was so happy, thinking I had gotten ahead by buying the older version with the disc drive still. Then November came, and nothing. I called and by this time realized that the old one might not be in production anymore. So I said, okay, I’ll go for the new one whenever it comes. Then December came and still nothing. They just kept saying there was nobody in the city with it and that there was a shortage all over the place. Of course, I was doing my own research and surely enough, there was not one available from any other stores. I wanted to give up on it and was starting to think that, Maybe I didn’t deserve it, if it was taking this long. My self-doubting grew worse and I started thinking, maybe they went away with my money <insert mental screams of vain in here> and I was just thinking very negatively even though whenever I would call, I tried to be positive and think that it was coming. Janaury 2013 came and I was so close to just getting my money back, but I thought, ‘Well, if I’m taking my money back to buy it sooner or later, what’s the point?’ So there I waited still with my faith on the store, and on the iMac ever arriving, very quickly fading. then I got a message from my friend–who was at my house that day–while I was at work, that the store called. So I quickly called the store after work and VOILA! It was there! It finally came! It was so close to coming into my arms!!! I couldn’t tell you how very relieved and happy and excited all at once. So I went and picked it up and let me tell you, my Macaroni is very nice, indeed.

iMac 27"


Right now, I have just imported my iTunes, most of my photos from iPhoto and loads of flash drives LOL. Next are my files and then I’ll start playing around with it more. Work is interrupting my learning time so I haven’t totally emptied my Macbook. I want it to clear out so it’s not as slow anymore (since I filled it up with junk and music, and photos). So far, I’ve only played with the desktops and the docks placements and getting my old apps back into a usable computer. Too bad my Starcraft isn’t supported anymore.. 😦 I actually wanted to play Starcraft when I thought about buying an iMac.. hahaha, but that’s just secondary to my main reason of being able to write for longer and not worrying that my laptop will explode or overheat (because after 6 years with my Macbook, one of the fans had given up on me, but aside from that, it’s still perfectly fine)… I didn’t wanna write about this because it was a really stressful length of time. Imagine, waiting for this darn thing for more than two months. It’s a good thing they gave me a discount after all that waiting. I also have the trackpad, which I got for Christmas from my brother, and it is beyond awesome!!! So much more easier than the mouse, but right now I find I use it in conjuction with the mouse; so on the left handside, I use the trackpad, while with my dominant hand I use the mouse… LOL. I’m sure that sounds like a weird way to operate a computer, but it works for me.. =) I love it. Not a fan of how skinny it is, because I feel like it’ll topple over and die.. Sometimes I think it’s too fragile now that it’s so thin. However, so far so good (now I just need a better internet connection).


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