Dune by Frank Herbert

Ok, this book is really interesting. This is the reason why lately I hunt for old books rather than the newly published ones. It’s hard to find these kinds of writing lately and the mainstream books are all for teenagers who are hung up on Romeo & Juliet type stories that are embedded in a contemporary world. Yes, I’ve read Twilight, but that was a few years before the movies became a hit even. As a teenager then, I did appreciate it for it’s stars-in-your-eyes factor of the (first) book. Then I simply forgot about it and moved towards more plot and substance. I could tell you about lots of books, but let’s focus: Dune. This book was actually a little iffy for me at first, seeing how it had other books; Trilogies always scare the hell out of me because I assume that: (a) the first book will not have a finished feel and (b) too much thick books can be a little daunting and (c) if I know I won’t have time to read all of the books, then that’ll leave my brain with a story that’s half finished. You see, I’ve finished a few trilogies but like I said, time is a factor.

Dune by Frank Herbert

So let’s get started here. Dune; we start off with a boy who is visited by an “old crone” as the book calls her. Now starting with this, I had no idea that he was going to the main character of the book. The short synopsis on the back of the book made it sound epic and I guess I couldn’t see how an epic story could start with a fifteen year old boy. That age, if I think back on experience, can be a little immature and stupid. Of course, I had to read further on to realize that he wasn’t like any ordinary boy. This book is very interesting in how it threads the stories together. Each one character introduced, you slowly peel off the onion skin– if you get my meaning; it’s like getting to know them, but as the story progresses. So in little bits, you learn about them, how they make decisions and why–all because of the personalities that is slowly revealed to the reader. So far, I’ve only had time to finish the first book (Dune) and I’m going to start on the second book (Muad’dib) soon since I’m on my day off today. Spoiler: I wish the relationship of Jessica and the Duke were expressed more; the book so far only allowed little glimpses; even with the characters thoughts, they were almost hiding it, sort of, and that’s what made it very interesting. You get the feeling they do like each other, but they hardly show any signs; it’s very subtle and minimal. That’s what makes that relationship sad and heart-wrenching, in my opinion. You feel deprived or almost cheated that they never got a chance to show it openly, and that’s how Jessica and the Duke felt towards the end (I can’t say the end of what, since that’ll be revealing too much). The story moves quite fast, but at the same time, nothing much happens. I mean, time moves forward really fast–in the first book, anyway. First you’ll see them having dinner then the next there’s an attack. The transitions are non-existent; you jump to the next scene and you better be ready or else you’ll get lost. LOL, at least, that’s how it was for me. But yes, so far very engaging, sad and fast paced enough for me. =) Give it a try and see how you like it.


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