Whisper Of The Heart

I had just finished watching this movie (directed by Yoshifumi Kondo) again and by god, it’s still just as amazing as before. This movie inspires me to never lose sight of my dream. The dream to be a great writer someday is always in my heart. Hidden as it may seem most days; I never truly let go of it. I don’t want to let go.

Whisper of the Heart

However, all of my procrastinating is not very helpful. My new iMac is the best one to use for writing my stories, but it is wide in the open and i can hear all sorts of noise; from the aquarium’s bubbling water to the echoes of footsteps and television from the main floor, etc. Keep in mind, I used to write in the dark of night, surrounded by the silence. That’s the most productive time for my stories, because I can let my mind wander into the fantasy without being assaulted by loud voices and mechanical sounds from all around. Lately, I can’t stay up that late due to work, but on my days off, I do try to write for at least an hour a day. If I’m working, I sit in front of my stories and try really hard to block out the noise and sometimes I can add a line or two–three, if I’m lucky.My laptop is still doing me great service due to it’s portability. I can lock myself up in my room and write to my heart’s content–granted that no one walks or yells or knocks on the door. Sometimes, I miss our small little old house, where my room was sound proofed by my bookshelves and humongous desk and my hoarder-type boxes and boxes of either clothes or notes and books from university. Our current basement would be the ideal place for my writing, but I love using my iMac for movies as well, which is why it’s in our second living room (on the second level of the house). On top of that, it’s sort of like a computer for my mom and dad to use, too. So, really it’s a matter of choice: share the computer with everyone else and leave it in the living room, or drag it in the darkness of the basement and lock myself with it so i can write to my heart’s content. … I feel guilty about my choice already. This is why I can’t do things that I want so easily; because I always have to put them/others into consideration; is that bad? Someone at work said I’m too nice. LOL, she just doesn’t know me well enough, but I don’t think I’m bad enough that I’m hell-bound.

Seiji and Shizuku

But I digressed so far from the topic at hand that I don’t even know where to start again. The movie really is inspiring, and since I’m a hopeless romantic (some of you out there probably are, too), I really like how the movie foreshadowed the future relationship of the two: when Seiji tries to climb up the hill riding his bike and “deciding” on his own that he would “climb up this steep hill, carrying you [Shizuku] with me” to which Shizuku replies, “Who said you could decide that? I don’t wanna be just a burden for you. If I’m going with you, I’m going to help you.” She says this as she is pushing the back of the bike, helping Seiji up the hill. See? Isn’t that absolutely romantic? Hahaha, you probably think I’m nuts, but for some reason that always occurs to me when I see that scene. Life would be much better if we see such things more often. Helping each other is a sign of respect, isn’t it? It’s the idea that the other person is important too, just like our own selves, and with that in mind, helping them is a sign that you respect them and their ideals; it’s like saying you’re equals and not one is better than the other. I don’t know; I’m starting to go beyond what I wanted to say on this post, but the bottom line is: Watch the film. It is a wonderful piece of art! =)


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