Work Can be a Little Stressful

I should tell you I’m so happy to be out of my 12 hour full time position. I should be telling you how much time I have now, to spend with my family and friends and let’s not forget  the always necessary ‘me’ time. I should be glorifying the 8 hour position like it is no other. I should tell you how absolutely wonderful this is and how I really appreciate the extra time. Yet, we all know, there’s a counter balance to all those good things coming to me. I guess what I’m trying to say is, even though I really do enjoy my part time position right now, the fact of the matter is, my pay check is a little lacking. Hear me out first before you start thinking I only think about money–because I don’t; as long as I have enough, I’m good. With that said, here’s a break down of my expenses per month: $500 for the student loans, $500 for the house/utility bills, and $400 for my credit card bills and of course I try to save $200 for a car that I will be getting this coming April or May 2013. So far, that is a total of $1600. My bi-weekly pay is less than that amount. And then add the extra expense of getting the house fixed up in the Philippines. So far the last amount I’ve given was $900. I do help with groceries: $250. Let me tell you, I’m stressing out with all this; before, when I was a full-timer, I didn’t worry about this because my pay would cover most of it and I’d still have enough for my savings. OMG! I am telling you, I am so lazy to pick up, but apparently I have no choice if I want that car and I want to save up for the vacation trip on October. Although it’s more fun to be only at work for 8 hours, I still have to go pretty often. Lateley, I’ve been only having 1 day off in between my shifts. I normally have a maximum of 3 days for a stretch, but now, with all my pick ups, I work at least 4 days and I have stretches that are 7 days long. =( I just wanna cry. I can’t enjoy my life. LOL!! Well, technically I’m working so I can enjoy my life, but the day-to-day isn’t as fun when you’re working so often. To me, it feels like I’m only on my break when I’m at home, then at work, it feels like I live there. Boo. That’s never a good thing. Next year, I won’t be doing the same thing. This year has a lot of expenses going on: 1) the trip to New York with my friends, 2) my car and 3) the family trip back to Philippines. See? Expensive stuff. That’s why I’m mentally affirming that I have $20,000 so that iit’ll come true; at least, I’m hoping it will. If I become a workaholic this year, that money will surely happen. BUT! I don’t wanna be a workaholic… hahaha!! I will look for a much better position at work next year. There will be lots to talk about this year, if all goes well. Wish me luck!!


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