Disney’s Paperman

This is absolutely perfect! 😀 I stumbled upon this short quite by accident, I didn’t know what it was about but I’ve read comments about how good it was, and so I thought, ‘Hm, this might be an interesting movie, I guess.’ I didn’t even know it was just a short film and by god, the music is divine! It’s so hopeful, and it makes me feel like it’s always summer, even if it’s snowing outside–the warmth of the music and the revelry it gives off is addicting; I have it as an mp3 file so I can listen to it when I write my stories, hahaha! And also it gives me renewed hope that someday, somewhere, that special someone meant for each one of us will show up and smile and say ‘Hello.’ It reminded me of my childhood summers, of the warmth of the sun, of laughter and sweet memories. It just gives off such positivity that when you listen to the music, you just feel enraptured and truly alive within those moments.

See? It’s making my words flow like young river eager to get to the sea and greet the ocean. It’s like a rush, a natural high, an overwhelming dive into all those positive emotions, and I can’t help myself from being carried in it’s magic. It’s poetry embedded in music. What more could you ask for?! 😀 It’s almost like heaven on Earth.

Disney's PapermanThe animation was perfect, too. It was really sweet and touching and makes you believe in love again. It made me think that in those little moments in life, there’s so much potential in every single one. For someone who had long learned to dismiss the little things in life, I suddenly remembered how I used to be: curious, happy and full of hope. (I’ve said that word more than three times now, right? LOL! It’s true, though!) It’s almost sad, though, because you know that such things rarely happen in real life. And yet, that’s why there’s hope, that’s why we’re human–made to feel, to sense and to grow beyond what we know as normal or real. To me, anything can be real. Reality is subjective, is it not? It all depends on individual perspective. The short film was like a reminder. You know that normally doesn’t happen, but are you someone who’ll accept that or are you someone who’ll make something like that happen? Will you be an outlier or will you be part of the norm?

Paperman is about a regular guy who meets this girl in one instant and hardly even gets the time to ask her name before she’s gone again. Then seemingly, by consequence, he sees her across his building. A sign? Maybe. Here’s where the story might differ, had it been another person and not our “paper man”. Where he had made a choice and followed it up with his actions, another might have just ignored the moment and moved on. Someone else who tried as far as the paper planes might have given up halfway and said, ‘Ah, screw it.’ But our “paperman” didn’t give up; he kept trying. (Try and try until you succeed!!) I feel like the film is a lesson. When you pursue a goal, you’ll get there and be rewarded. It might seem hopeless throughout the entire journey, but with perseverance and determination, you can do anything! That kind of lesson.. LOL, yes, i’m blabbing on and on. Give it a watch and listen to the music as it fills your heart with magic. 😀



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