The Summer Queen

This is the sequel to the The Snow Queen, written by Joan D. Vinge. So! I have finally found the time to pick up this story again after months of hiatus from my lovely books. I will tell you now, at first I was getting slightly confused from the different times that are passsing from different worlds but later on, I realized that I would have to rely on the author to state how much time was passing rather than trying to guess.

The Summer Queen

And guess who’s back? The guy who made me cry in the first book: BZ Gundhalinu. How I wished that he would have chosen to fight for Moon in the first book but I guess, without having passed through those obstacles (apparently in “World’s End,” he had almost gone insane but was saved by… I can’t say, otherwise I’ll be spoiling the book for those of you who wants to read it). The past events turned him into the person BZ is now, in The Summer Queen, and I really think it was for the best. Although, deep inside I have this nagging fear that he would be too late if or when he gets back to Tiamat. Sparks is an excellent secondary character, but that’s all he’ll ever be. His situation from the previous book did nothing to endear him to me and his actions in this sequel are–so far–not helping to make me sympathaize with him. It’s something about how he deals with things… almost in a childish manner, that makes him a turn off. BUT!!! Let’s not be hasty; I am still a hundred pages away from the halfway mark of the book and so far, everything that’s happening is sort of making sense to me. The first book was definitely faster paced but this book lets time pass so you really see what’s going on, how the next generations are turning out, how past characters get re-introduced and how the plot slowly but strongly ties itself together. I love it!! Do you want to know who had moved me to tears in this one? Jerusha; this is from what I’ve read so far. We’ll see as I read further in the book if that will change or not.


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