New York, New York!

OMG! New York! What can I say? It’s the city that never sleeps; the big apple.. I went for vacation there for a week with friends and co-workers and we were so busy that it totally felt like we’ve been there for two weeks after our 3rd day! I was mostly grumpy when we were walking around due to the heat and my walking shoes turned out to be not so fun to wear after 11 hours of walking around; I almost got blisters, but I saved my feet by buying flip-flops then later on, I bought the most comfortable shoes ever. It’s a Sketchers H2G0, which was water resistant and felt like a saviour for my feet! I convinced my best friend to buy one too so she wouldn’t suffer from her flats and she was so surprised at how comfy it was! 🙂 I strongly recommend it! It really made me a better, less grumpy person during our trip.. LOL!!

Feels like heaven!!
Feels like heaven!!

And so I digress.. Back onto the main topic of this post: New York. Such a wonderful city, but I guess with the large number of people in the city, it didn’t have a good smell.. Reminded me of how Manila was when I went back in 2008: crowded and a little stinky. But at least, NY wasn’t too scary or to smoggy. We went to see a lot of things and I loved a lot of the things we saw. I found the area of NYC where we stayed as so-so; the streets were stinky and it was humid and all in all too crowded for me. Let me say though, it was not a boring place. Lots of things to see like the Broadway shows, wax museum, etc. We went to see Lion King – The Musical and it was fantastic; the only off thing about it was the actor playing the older Simba had an accent and it was coming in and out during his speeches so it was distracting… like his pectorals.. HAHAHA!! It was because the costumes they wear exposed the guys’ manboobs and he was the most buff one–I guess because he’s Simba, so he has to be the best looking one?–so every time he moved, those things twitched. LOL. Anyways, those are the kinds of things you can see, and shop around, too! There was a Forever 21 and H&M right by Times Square.

The Big Apple

Then there’s Brooklyn. The Brooklyn area was nicer, in my opinion. The Brooklyn Bridge, being so close to the Hudson River was very nice and breezy, although it felt like it was prone to drizzly weather. It was super windy too! But I liked that 🙂 I would show you a picture of my teal pants that got ketchup stains all over it but it looks gross. Long story short, we were out of money and bought street food and it dribbled on me because I was pretty much inhaling those hotdogs due to starvation. I should let you know, we wasted so much money eating out! Tips are a killer! We each spent about $400 for eating out for four days! Sheesh, in hindsight, we should have thought about that better.. We orignally placed to do groceries, but we were hardly ever at the condo to even buy food for it.

Nintendo World's Link

Nintendo World had this picture of Link that was made up of a lot of pictures of people. It’s really cool! I got a Mario and Luigi keychains from that place. I love green and I’m tall so Luigi sticks with me while Mario goes to my sis. On a side note, surprisingly, during the trip, the group had such dynamics that no one person was overly loud or no ‘clique’ ever formed; it was just good ole hanging out altogether. Thank goodness we never got to a club! We were always too bushed to want to go out after a full day of busy, busy, busy. Once we got home, every one started collapsing on beds and slowly one by one, we would go have our showers. That place was tiny for a group of 7 people, but we managed. Overall, New York is a good place to go, but not for just for a week.. Or I should say it’s a good place to keep coming back to because you can always go and see something else. 🙂


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