Did You Know… (4)

…that I gained 4 pounds in two weeks?? I’m so happy!!!! 🙂 Everyone at work thinks it’s cute how I’m so happy to gain since everyone else usually wants to lose weight, but the thing is I work night shifts and it takes a toll on my body. Just recently, I’ve almost passed out during work for no apparent reason. I think it’s because I don’t have enough time to eat properly during and after my night shifts. So, I’ve been losing weight faster than I can put in food into my system. In desperation, I tried my brother’s protein drink and worked out, hoping to gain muscles rather than lose weight. I was sceptical at first but surprisingly it worked!! From a shameful 118 pounds, I’ve upped my weight to 124 pounds (closer to what I used to be before I started working, which was 127 pounds). I was so shocked!! You can probably understand that at 118 lbs, I felt weak and easily tired and lethargic, coz my body wasn’t in it’s ideal working order. But now I’m back to my busy little self and i like it =) My goal is to get up to 127-129 pounds before our vacation this October so I don’t look like a piece of stick in the pictures… LOL!!


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