Sleepy Hollow

Have you seen the movie from 1999 with Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci? I love that movie! That is why I was intrigued by the new 2013 series also called the same name. Just finished watching the first episode and so far it has everything I liked about that story: fantasy, a little bit of horror to make you jump in your seat every now and again, a new twist to the plot, and of course, good looking characters! LOL Watch it and you’ll see what I mean!


The story starts off with Ichabod Crane being woken up from his death and finds himself in the future/present time. There’s a lieutenant who becomes, sort of his ally, in this ‘crusade’ to stop the headless horseman from doing whatever he wants to do (I can’t say any more otherwise, I’ll ruin the surprise/new twist in the story). So far, I’m absolutely loving it! If they keep up the same equation of just the right amounts of all those things that I like, I’ll be watching this like an addict. Just a note, with the headless horseman waking up from a different time line, I was initially surprised at how easily he seemed to adapt to everything (he knew how to use modern weapons–or should I say, learned how to use them pretty quickly!)… But close the end of the pilot episode, you’ll understand why when they reveal more about him. 🙂


What I also noticed about the show, is that it has a very cinematic feel, as though I’m watching a movie, almost. Which just adds to the allure of the show. Reminds me of a sci-fi thriller action movie kind of effect. So! If you haven’t watched it yet, go do it now!!


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