La Nuit Blanche

We missed this year’s La Nuit Blanche but I do have few pics from last year. It was an interesting event, even though it was in the cold-ish almost season. There were lots to see… little trinket stores and locally made jewellery, some fun looking sweaters and some cool outdoor designs… That was my first time going and it turned out to be really fun.

One of them that I really liked was the light cloud. It was a really neat thing and it made people so happy. It was cloud shape made out of light bulbs that you could turn on and off with a string.

You see how people are just amazed by this thing? It was really cool actually. There were a couple more things that were really neat like a bath tub sliced in half to look like chairs. It even had a little head lamp instead of a shower head. I’d have to dig for that specific pic though lol.

Winnipeg is such a small city that there never seems to be anything happening.. And if there is, you probably won’t hear about it unless someone is directly involved in it. Lol I swear I never hear bout anything. Facebook is a lot better at notifying me about nearby events recently. And the events all seem like fun things to do but of course, I’m always working anyways which is a bummer :/

Maybe next year, me and my Batman could go together. Last year, I tagged along my sister and her best friend coz I was not doing anything that weekend. Hopefully I’ll be off work next time it comes to the city!