About Me

This blog basically talks about various interests of mine… including stories, shows, or works of arts, and a lot more things. I try not to put on anything too depressing on here but sometimes, things have to come out of my brain so I can relax.. but sometimes, venting helps. 😉

So here you’re sure to find interesting posts!! =) Check ’em out and I hope it’s an interesting read for you!

A short bio about me: I’m a recent grad now working as a nurse. Besides that, I’m also a dreamer, and have a predilection for the arts. I love food, sleep, books, funny stuff, music, nature and the like. I may not sound like it, but I tend to be quiet around new people/those I have never met before, definitely not your average outspoken person (and that’s why blogging is solo much easier! Hahaha!). Although my best of friends and my family would say I’m crazy.

I’ve always dreamed of becoming a writer someday and hopefully nursing will be my bridge to that goal, but of course helping people comes as first priority. =) Ooh, and I will someday build a business empire, bwahahahaha!! Yes, I’m pretty ambitious. Numerous dreams. They’re definitely possible if I have 200 years for a lifespan with only half the aging speed. Or if I win the lottery so I can learn about it all. =) I want to be a business manager and own a salon, a resort and a restaurant. See? Then I want  to travel. I can do that if I’m a travelling nurse.. but I faintly remember someone telling that travelling nurses don’t get to do much hands on, just lots of assessments? Is this true? If so, tell me now, fellow informants, so that I can change my course of action! I want to do lots, being a nurse is only fun if you are busy (not too TOO busy, i mean…)

I am a video game person. Not that I talk about it often.. I’m not a fanatic but it sure helps pass the time when I’m bored. I love my DS Rhythm Heaven, Animal Crossing, The World Ends With You and Brain Age. I play a lot of sudoku right before I sleep lol.. it helps tire my brain out and then I’m out cold for the night. It stops me from daydreaming.. or would it be only regular dreaming if I did that at night??? Who cares? LOL, all I know is my hamster shuts off when the sudoku sleeping power is turned ON. All hail sudoku!!!! Ooh, we recently got a PS3, but before that we had an Xbox and then a Wii. Right now there are 3 DS’ in my house. Isn’t that just overkill? Man, we are all game freaks.. (does that mean we get bored often? who knows… )

LOL. With determination, all of your goals are within reach. Believe me. You  gotta run that extra mile and for sure you’ll climb over that mountain like no one else’s business. =)


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. hey i read your post about earth dragon. hehe i am earth dragon toooo.. i go to china soon, so its true about the travel:P i am english:P xx

    • hey fellow earth dragon!! yes indeed, travelling is one my most important ‘to do’ things in my life.. every year i have to go somewhere out of the city at least once or else i get so restless that it drives me nuts.. you must’ve read my earth dragon blog and got to this page somehow.. lol anyways, i am not english by definition, but i do speak the language lol =)

    • ooh nice to meet you too! i see your link is full of wonderful things!! BOOKS!! i’ve read some of those.. Pride & Prejudice, Huckleberry Finn, Alice’s Adventures, etc.. so nice to see the classics again! i’m taking a look at Grimm Brothers’ Fairy Tales; i just love fairy tales! =) thanks for the link! xoxo

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