Okay! Q&A in this section…

favourite colors? blue and green

favourite foods? all except pickles and celery

favourite places? philippines, canada, japan

dream home? living in it =)

goals in life? to become a nurse, a doctor, chef, hair stylist, writer, photographer, painter, fashion designer, interior designer.

worst characteristic? being stubborn

best characteristic? generous especially when it comes to food =)

what could you give up on at the moment? those extra spending every now and then…

what’s your all time favourite book? A Wrinkle in Time; i’ve read it so many times and yet it still holds that magic in inspiring me.

what type of person do you consider yourself to be? independent

what skills would you want to learn? figure skating, sewing, baking

what movies are your thing? romantic comedies, comedies, horror, thriller, nonfiction/documentaries, etc… basically a whole lot

motto in life: nothing is impossible

and so there you have it, the basics.=)


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