Moment in Time

Oh man. I had another weird dream coz I overslept.. it was kinda long so no chances of it getting up here. like my brother says “too much detail!!” lol yeah I do that a lot with my blabs. =) Anyway, school is back soon… Anyone want to skip it?? I do, I do!!! Lol today was tiring. Yesterday was interesting and a bit annoying. Okay, it all started with my mom saying, ‘We need to go to Safeway. We just need whipping cream.’ So I was like, ok sure just one item; it’ll be quick. (Bad of me not to notice that she didn’t need me to go with her to buy a small bucket of whipping creme) so when we got to the car (my dad was the driver… cookie and nick were working so they weren’t home) my mom suddenly says,’Let’s go to the far one.’ And I’m like why the far one when we have safeway less than 5 minutes away from the house?? Did she want the really big safeway?? Then I asked her why she wanted to go to a safeway farther away. She starts laughing and says, ‘We’re going to the one in Regent.’ Note: Regent is the name of a casino: Club Regent, which happens to be really far from our house. Of course, I got that after a few seconds, and I said ‘No way!’ but I was just delaying to find a good reason for me not to go. then i found it: ‘haha i didn’t bring my wallet with my IDs in it. i’m not gonna be able to go in.’ Then my mom says, ‘I brought your wallet; It’s in my bag right now.’ Then she laughs so horribly loud. And I was like, damn she’s getting sharp. When I tried to protest, my mom got me with her guilt so I went with them and I couldn’t even use my ipod in there!!! the guy at the front who checked my ID was like, uhm you can’t use that in there; it might mess up the machines. Sorry.’ and I said ‘Oh ok’ but inside my head, I was like, DAMN U ELECTRONIC GAMBLING MACHINES!!! Lol then we got home at around 9.30 (we left the house at 6.30) coz we picked Cookie up from work, then we had to make food for the next day (cookie’s party) which got me so worked up coz the night before that, i couldn’t sleep until 2am…then i had to wake up early at 7 to get ready for work then i had to go shopping for my clinical shoes.. preparing stuff that night just p’d me off. it was so funny coz i could tell i was being annoying to them and i told them so. my sister (her nickname is cookie) was like, no problem, i’m ignoring you. the whole thing kinda went like this:

ma: We gotta get this ready coz tomorrow I won’t be here. I’m at work from 9 to 5.

me: Well why don’t u let cookie make this early tomorrow? She has no work.

ma: She doesn’t know how. Do u wanna wait for tomorrow to do this? We can just finish it now.

me (to cookie): You are seventeen and you still don’t know how to cook anything. That is just sad. How are you gonna live by yourself if you can’t even make your own food? Look at me, I can cook whatever I want.

cookie: …….

ma: We’re almost done.

me: No, we’re not. There’s two more bags of bread to do.

ma: Ok, you can cut off the crumbs and we’ll wrap so its faster.

me: It’s not gonna be faster coz Cookie has always been slow. She’s so slow with everything she does. We’re not gonna go any faster.

ma: (ignores me) Cookie, that’s too big.

me: Yeah cookie, make it smaller. Just copy her, for crying out loud.

cookie: (stares at me) ……

me: …… Whoa. I’m getting annoying, eh? I can tell i’m complaining a lot just to annoy you <insert crazy laugh here>

ma: (looks at me weird) ……

cookie: No problem, i’m ignoring you.

me: <insert crazy laugh here again> …… i hate you bread.

cookie: …….

ma: baka saktan ka ng tyan bukas pag kumain ka nito. (translation: you might get a tummyache when you eat this bread.)

me: Fine then. I hate you crumbs. You can just walk into this plastic bag that i’m about to put in the garbage but you won’t; i hate you crumbs pretending to be dead.

cookie: They don’t even have feet.

me: Yes, they do. They just don’t have arms, which they don’t need.

ma: ………

cookie: ………..

me: I hate you crumbs for making me put you into the bag with my own hands.

ma: ………..

cookie: ……….

me: Why, why, why did we have to do this tonight? Pa, come help, will you!!! (he was in the washroom at that time)

ma: ……..

me: Pa never helps. No fair. Somebody should make him help out once in a while.

cookie: Nasa cr pa sya. (he’s in the washroom)

ma: ………

me: i love you knife, you can come with me to my room.

cookie: Whoa, murder.

me: Yeah, suicide-murder.

That last one didn’t even make sense LOL **then i kept on complaining and complaining and complaining until i went to bed.**


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