Yes, yes, another blog. I started it a few months ago and it seems I cannot find a routine for this. So what is my new hopefully fool-proof strategy to learn and then post what i learn afterwards on the blog? Yes, you’re right. I will put up a link from my main blog so that I can see it popping it’s eyes [if it did have eyes] out at me, saying ‘do me, do me, for crying out loud–do ME!!!’ Then I will get scared and get a little guilty for not giving it any attention and will therefore write a new post, and thus, learn something new in the process. Aren’t I great? Don’t answer that.

Foraging For Words is the blog about my journey in learning the Japanese language, all by my friggin’ self. Hopefully it’s not like that forever, hopefully a merciful soul will take notice of me and tutor me in the ways of the Nihongo language. I am praying that someone will eventually help me in my quest to learn a new language. I even have the Google Translate app on my phone to help me every now and then…

Here are a few posts that I’ve written:

Few Vocabs… ふふふふふーー[I’m laughin’ in Japanese manga style]



a i u e o : あ い う え お

Gomennasai ごめんなさい


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