Rainy Day Blues

Oh, the feels. Today, I woke up feeling hungry and in great need of shower. I opened my eyes to a dull brightness and I could already guess the weather wasn’t as sunny as I’d like it to be. It’s a Sunday and my mom had wanted to go to church, but since she is still fast asleep–tired from working 12 hours yesterday–I let her sleep and I sit in front of my computer. Days like these, I feel like I have to be productive. And I think, hey maybe I can add a chapter or two to my main goal for this year: the mermaid story. But I know I haven’t written anything on my blog for a long, long time so here I am. 🙂

So what have I been up to lately, you ask? Well, being busy at work leaves me with a very slim time frame to actually do things that actually give me pleasure (i.e.) writing, reading, playing Starcraft 2, watching my fave shows, etc… And yet yesterday, at the start of my week off (Yes, I’m on vacation with nowhere to go), I started playing Don’t Starve again. I wrote a post about it before, search it because for some reason, I can’t put the link on here.

Reign of Giants Update
Reign of Giants Update

Now there is a new update and I thought, eh I don’t play it that often so I didn’t want to buy it off of Steam. Then I saw that it contained 2 new characters to play and so, of course, I go ahead and buy it out of curiosity. Guess what? This game just got a lot harder!! The newest update is called “Reign of Giants” and the new seasons have new bosses, which drives me nuts coz I’m too much of a coward to try and kill them when they spawn. I run around hoping they’re too slow to follow me but I hate it when they break my stuff/bases (I’m talking to you, Deerclops).

Anyways, what I’m trying to say is, I shouldn’t play this game today after all the time I’ve spent playing as Wigfrid yesterday–which was so much fun–and instead I should be working on my stories! Oh,I know I’ve neglected most of them especially this year since I make a promise to focus on the mermaid story this year. I’ve actually gotten the introduction. Now, it’s a matter of picking where the story is going in each subplot. It annoys me that I can think of the story clear as day but I have such a hard time typing it out when it comes to the detail work. Imagination needs to run in overdrive but then I get a headache.. LOL. Well, time to get started then.. but first, off to the kitchen to find some nourishment!


Don’t Starve!!!

Have you tried this game? My brother plays this and the first time I saw it, I was unimpressed: the 2D thing, and weird characters and the plot didn’t seem to be so good. My opinion didn’t change after watching him a few times over a couple of weeks.. then, after him nagging me to try it, I finally tried to play it. Surprise, surprise! It’s actually pretty good, to the point of my playing it non-stop for 4 hours the first day. That’s not usually me; I get bored with video games easy if it’s not engaging. Don’t Starve is actually pretty good. And with the constant updates, there’s always something new 🙂

Don't Starve

It’s a good game to strategize with, even though it can be sort of basic after playing it for a while..  It’s still very interesting, like I said previously, with the continuous updates. The most recent one right now is ‘The Stuff of Nightmares’ and I started playing it when the lastest update used to be ‘It’s Not a Rock!’ So far, so good. Can be a little trying if you start off with a really hard map (i.e.) the rocks are on the other side of the map or the beefalos are few and far between. That kind of game I can’t do so well in just yet, but I think after playing for more that 200 game days, I’m starting to see what’s most important especially at the beginning. My usual tendency when I start a game is to explore. I run along the edge of the island and collect food and grass and stuff as I move along. With this plan, I usually find the rock beds and the beefalo herds, so it’s how I always start.

My base

The above picture is from a custom map, using Wendy, the fire starter. As you can see, the nighttime is very short (custom map). Night time is dangerous because you will die in the dark, whichever character you are. But this version of the game tends to be so easy that you can advance pretty well into the game with less risks of dying because you have all day to your stuff! It gets boring on this setting, so I only have this one when I get frustrated with my other regular non-custom maps. Currently I have unlocked Woodie and have yet to get to Wes, the mime. Woodie is so interesting! but at the same time, after playing for a while, his “curse” can get pretty annoying, in my opinion because if I don’t pay attention to the moon phases, I have to drop everything that I’m doing and run along and gnaw at everything. I do have the option of just standing there and letting the “curse” pass but I find that wasting time, so I run along like a good little beaver. Give it a try and see how you like it!  You have to have a Steam account, by the way and the game was on sale when I purchased it, but I re-checked again and last price was cheaper than when I had gotten it for $14.99 or something..  Have a good time playing! =)


In the past few months, my main past time was video games; Dungeon Defenders to be more specific. This game is awesome! LOL, at first, I would only watch my brother and sis play it and think ‘Bleh.’ Then one day my sis didn’t have anybody to play with, so I said sure, and I was already thinking that I wasn’t going to like it, but that I’d help her level up, anyways (coz she made me use one of her players, the mage one). So there I was asking her how to make or use the damn ‘towers’ and then next thing you know, I was hooked.

The four types of characters you can use: Mage, Knight, Monk, and Archer.
The four types of characters you can use: Mage, Knight, Monk, and Archer.

We are currently at Level 71 and it now takes 7 million experience to level up to the next one, which is okay since I have a highly upgraded staff that can do one-hit wonders. Hahaha I’ve been playing it with my friend, and now we’re both at level 71. Hahaha! And we have trophies; lots of trophies! Some of the maps are hard to finish, especially on ‘insane’ difficulty.

Dungeon Defenders

So basically, it’s self explanatory: you defend your dungeon from the enemy. You have a number of crystals to defend and the enemies come at you in waves, so you have a build phase, where you can strategically put any bombs or guns or blockades–and then the attack phase, where you go crazy and attack goblins and ogres and dragons. It really is fun, the challenges are especially addicting because we can only last so long against the hordes and hordes of enemies attacking us all at one go. If you have a PS3 (I don’t know if it’s on any other console) give it a try and you’ll see what I mean. I’m on a break from it because I’ve picked up a lot of shifts at work and I don’t have time for it yet.. =)