Work Can be a Little Stressful

I should tell you I’m so happy to be out of my 12 hour full time position. I should be telling you how much time I have now, to spend with my family and friends and let’s not forget  the always necessary ‘me’ time. I should be glorifying the 8 hour position like it is no other. I should tell you how absolutely wonderful this is and how I really appreciate the extra time. Yet, we all know, there’s a counter balance to all those good things coming to me. I guess what I’m trying to say is, even though I really do enjoy my part time position right now, the fact of the matter is, my pay check is a little lacking. Hear me out first before you start thinking I only think about money–because I don’t; as long as I have enough, I’m good. With that said, here’s a break down of my expenses per month: $500 for the student loans, $500 for the house/utility bills, and $400 for my credit card bills and of course I try to save $200 for a car that I will be getting this coming April or May 2013. So far, that is a total of $1600. My bi-weekly pay is less than that amount. And then add the extra expense of getting the house fixed up in the Philippines. So far the last amount I’ve given was $900. I do help with groceries: $250. Let me tell you, I’m stressing out with all this; before, when I was a full-timer, I didn’t worry about this because my pay would cover most of it and I’d still have enough for my savings. OMG! I am telling you, I am so lazy to pick up, but apparently I have no choice if I want that car and I want to save up for the vacation trip on October. Although it’s more fun to be only at work for 8 hours, I still have to go pretty often. Lateley, I’ve been only having 1 day off in between my shifts. I normally have a maximum of 3 days for a stretch, but now, with all my pick ups, I work at least 4 days and I have stretches that are 7 days long. =( I just wanna cry. I can’t enjoy my life. LOL!! Well, technically I’m working so I can enjoy my life, but the day-to-day isn’t as fun when you’re working so often. To me, it feels like I’m only on my break when I’m at home, then at work, it feels like I live there. Boo. That’s never a good thing. Next year, I won’t be doing the same thing. This year has a lot of expenses going on: 1) the trip to New York with my friends, 2) my car and 3) the family trip back to Philippines. See? Expensive stuff. That’s why I’m mentally affirming that I have $20,000 so that iit’ll come true; at least, I’m hoping it will. If I become a workaholic this year, that money will surely happen. BUT! I don’t wanna be a workaholic… hahaha!! I will look for a much better position at work next year. There will be lots to talk about this year, if all goes well. Wish me luck!!


Maria Holic

lately, i’ve been bored out of my mind. not having anything to focus on aside from stressful stuff and work is terribly fatiguing. and so i decided to hunt down a comedy/romance genre from my past moodlifter, anime shows. and i was a little bit unsure when i clicked Maria Holic. I thought it would be similar to XXXholic since it had the same ending (silly of me to think that, but it happened anyway). Well, what do you know. From the very beginning, I noticed that the art itself is very professional and clean-looking and very sharp. next thing that i notice is the background music. I especially love those hymn-like tunes!!! but most of the tunes are awesome >_< I was really unsure of the storyline since I realized that our main character was going into an all girls school while dreaming of meeting her fated one. I wasn’t much of a yuri watcher and i wasn’t planning to start then. All i wanted was some comedy and romance, if you please.

So here, is our dear Kanako, seems to be perfectly normal until she meets Mariya. Mariya is a super cute girl with long blonde hair. The reaction that Kanako has to this girl reveals to us that she “swings that way.” And upon answering a question, she reveals that she breaks out in hives if she gets in contact with a male.

I thought at first Matsurika (the maid with grey hair) was the boy… but apparently, as Kanako will find out, it was Mariya. This is a hilarious first episode and probably one of the best first episodes to grab your attention and make you stick with it and watch the rest of the show.

Finishing the first season makes me want to root for Mariya and Kanako, but Mariya seems to be bent on making Kanako’s life hell. Aside from that, some other sources of comedy are all the various pervy delusions that Kanako creates while she is in the all-girls school. Anyway, the second season looks promising so watch it!!

By the way, I am in love with the first season’s ending theme!! It is sooo cute! =)

Kerli & Moonchildren

Recently, I’ve been restless again; this time, about the music that i listen to. Somehow it’s been such a long time since i’ve updated my iTunes with music form outside the North America. So there i was browsing youtube, looking for unique sounds and such, and to my surprise, i came across one of Kerli’s most recent music video: Army of Love.

I’ve read about her a couple of years ago but i guess i was in a lazy phase to not have the energy to be intrigued, even though i was indeed intrigued a little bit. So there, in my mind, i was asking myself, ‘Haven’t i come across this artist before?’ … so while i played the video, i did a little wiki research on her and saw her first album and the list of songs. OMG, you would not believe how refreshing her music is. I am a newly converted Moonchild now. LOL! I’m sure most of you know that a Moonchild is one who believes in Integrity, Love, & Unity (ILU); this is what Kerli believes in as well, and her fans are usually referred to as the Moonchildren, which is pretty cute. =)

But anyways, My favourite songs from her are: Fragile, The Creationist, Walking on Air, and of course her version of Nature Boy, which is absolutely enchanting! Her music is, like i said, refreshing because it never sounds the same. and you can tell she is a songwriter because of the meaningful lyrics unlike the most songs now that just repeats lines and has upbeat tempo to make to make you groove. Sometimes, the heart yearns for more that those kinds of music and Kerli is definitely a great pick. I wish she would make more songs like the ones I’ve mentioned as i find those songs showcase her voice more and relay the emotions in it through the lyrics. I am definitely on the look out for more of her songs!!


hahhahaha!! i made it to the Dean’s Honour List! the mail came on july 12 and i was so happy i cried!! i didn’t expect it at all, and after all that effort especially around 2008’s struggle.. i was very thankful to say the least. i didn’t think i would have this sort of recognition, but now that i have this, i feel really blessed. i knew lord is always taking care of me.. lol i guess this was all a test to see if i kept my faith… =) i’m all smiles now..!! hahaha ok, gotta go to clinical now!!! just wanted to say i love my life. it gets crazy at times, but i love it anyways. ciao for now!! =)


well, this is one of the best ever shows i’ve seen. it is very engaging and the art style is gorgeous. there are a lot of things they go into in this series and it makes you think. it a great science fiction piece that show cases a lot of stuff.. i watched it a long time ago and now i miss it!!!


it only has 12 episodes and i am in love with the opening song the show has: it’s called Never by Seira Kagami. freakin’ beautiful song. hhaaaaahhhh, i miss the show… right now i am scouting for a site to watch it from… =)


the show is intriguing from the very start. we have a young man who seems to have lost his memories and as we watch on, he meets other people who are important in helping him find his identity.


i absolutely love this anime series!